Energy-saving LED corn light bulbs with high quality

LED corn bulb is Super bright, good color rendering, low luminous decay. High power, high efficiency, low energy consumption.  Light source: with low attenuation process encapsulation of the LED white light.  Power supply: constant current; protection of over-current, over-voltage and high temperature.  Material: Using high quality aluminum alloy and pc cover,excellent structure design fit for dissipation;not contain lead,mercury and other pollution elements.

Bright: Using light transmission rate of 90% or more of the cover, uniform beam angle,no glare,High brightness,High Luminous Efficiency.Life: Unique constant current driver technology makes sure the lamp work in long life stable.Perfect lighting effect, fast starting, low power consumption, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Quality in priority, clients the upmost. Saving Energy :Compared to incandescent lamp, it saves energy more than 80% and saves 50% energy than fluorescent lamp.

The LED corn light bulb can be Widely used for home, shopping center and office lighting and decoration of park, stage etc. The LED corn light bulb is popular in Bars, coffee house lighting.The LED corn light bulb is Hot in Decoration bulbs lamps, ceiling lights, cabinet lighting.  The LED corn light bulb also Wildly used in Street lighting, Roadway lighting, Area Lighting, Pathway lighting, Car Parking, Garden lighting.

New and high quality.Low power consumption and energy-saving.Low voltage, no flicker, no glare.No pollution, no UV, infrared and thermal radiation.It has a long lifespan, up to 50000 hours.Easy to install.Seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable.High brightness, fit for home, shops, offices, studio and exhibition lighting.

This LED Corn light allows for maximum usage for accent and decorative lighting. This advanced technology allows for an ideal solution for your lighting needs.
Whether you are trying to provide lighting for chandeliers, corridors, freestanding lamps,hanging fixtures and many more applications this 15W WestDeer Corn light bulb with a E26 base product will accentuate your decorative lighting needs.
Furthermore, this LED corn light bulb,with a candelabra base is also used in accent lighting used to display collectible items such as art pieces, or set the mood in a specific area in your home.

Unique heat sink design,well heat elimination ,heat dissipation.Flexible and convenient installation wildely used building, garden,square, park, street,highway landscape road lighting.IP 65 water proof and dustproof;long lifespan: more than 50, 000hrs.Reduce maintenance costs up to 90%, almost free of maintenance .Energy savings of as much as 90% vs traditional lighting.High power,high lumens,low energy consumption .

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