High quality E26/E27/E39/E40 led corn light bulb

80%~90% energy saving than incandescent lamp.Cree & Edison LEDs for option.No flickering.No RF interference.No UV radiation.Proprietary design for excellent thermal management.Recessed mounted, easy installation and maintenance free.Superbright and low lumen attenuation.CE, RoHS compliant.Color: 16 colors, Skip, Fade, Strobe, Speed can be adjusted and dimmable.Controlled by IR Remote Controller, 8-10meters control distance, 45 degree control angle.CE, RoHS compliant.

Low power consumption, high power efficiency,  high lumen:100lm/w, cri>80%, pf 0.9.No UV or IR radiation, Conducive to Eye protection.Soft light,no flickering, expert led corn light manufacturers in shenzhen.Easy to install with E27 base.Ideal replacement for conventional incandescent lamp.No Mercury and other hazardous materials, fully Rohs CE compliant.Widly used in Warehouse, Showroom, Workshop, Super market, exhibition hall etc. public places.

High quality clear silicone mask,transmittance upto 98%.LED corn lamp,high brightness and durable.Intelligent smart IC driver,automatic protection.Wide range of avaliable operating voltange and low consumption.Enviornment friendly and no UV or IR radiation.Easy to install and maintain, replacement of traditional bulbs and no subsidiary fixture,such as ballasts and starters.Long lifespan, low cost of maintenance.Anti-shake, convenient for transportation.

High quality magnetic levitation fan reduce noise, and friction.Protection agaisnt fan failure, reduce power to 50% to ensure safety of the lamp.Unique structure, wide -angled 360º, wide range of irradiating area.Patented integrative smart LED corn lamp design for heatsink and housing.Various lamp holder available for a wide range of applications (E26/E27/E39/E40).Luminous efficacy: 130~135LM/W.

360 degree Beam Angel : The led corn light bulb adapts high performance 100-110LM/W SMD2835 led chips. Bright and wider lighting area. Easy Installation: For each led corn light bulb, very small light body, mainly used to replace conventional light sources (incandescent, energy saving led corn lamps, high pressure sodium, metal halide, etc.) Optional E39/E40 socket. Lightly tighten, very easy. Protection of eyesight: Anti-glare, no flash and won’t produce any stroboscopic for even for long time working. Especially for children, young people have the best eyesight protection.Energy Efficient: Under the same brightness, LED energy-saving corn lamps 1000 hours only 1 degree electricity consumption, ordinary incandescent 17 hours of electricity consumption. The led corn light bulb provides users saving millions of electricity.Healthy Light: The led corn light bulb don’t contain ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation, no pollution.Safety Factor: Wide voltage range, current smaller, less heat, no security risk.


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