Low power consumption E27 LED corn lamp

Lamp body is small, suitable for domestic commonly used lamp holder(E27 LED corn lamp holder and lamp holder E40), installation is simple;Modern design,sophisticated technology,product seriation, give full play to the led corn light source energy conservation and environmental protection, do not produce any waste;Reduce energy consumption, efficiency is as high as 88% above;Better environmental benefits, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat,no radiation, glare small, and waste recycling, no pollution contains no mercury elements, cold light source, can safely touch, belongs to typical green lighting source;Long lifetimes,More than 50,000hours;Very easy install and replace the common bulb,enercy light and HPS;LED corn light bulb suit for all house,hotels,schools,factories and so on indoor lighting.

Energy saving: low power consumption, low heat, high level of brightness, uniform light-emitting, energy-saving about 50%.Long lifespan: the normal lifespan of LED tubes is above or equal to 30,000H.No twinkling: rapid start, steady work, no noise, no twinkling can effectively protect the eyes,conforming to CE.Green and  environmentally-friendly: LED tube has no ultraviolet or infrared radiation.Special circuit design: ensuring that each LED corn light to work independently, the damage of single LED corn lamp has no influence on the whole ,conforming to ROHS.Warranty time : 2 years(the range of colour temperature:2800-6500K.Color rendering index(CRI)is optional , for example we can make Ra>70.

Up to 70% Energy-saving over fluorescent tubes.50.000hours ideal life span, 10 times over fluorescent tube.Cool lighting source, produce little heat.High PF value 0.98 for decrease of electricity loss.High heat transmittance aluminum PCB for good heat dissipation.Epistar+Intermatix LED packaging solution, no patent trouble.High light efficacy and reliability, cost effective.Comfortable & healthy: no UV, no flickering, and no RF interference.Environment protection: no mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS compliant.Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs, little maintenance costs.

Quality:the raw materials are carefully selected by our leading expert. we pay close attention to every detail of our LED corn lights IN the production and transportation processCreativity: We are proudest about our LED corn lamps, which are specially designed and moulded, and assembled with Rubycon capacitor driver, extremely good heat sinking effect, patented and certificated.Service: We believe the customer is king. we choose to do what our customers need !


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